Nunavik Mining Workshop
May 18-19, 2021
Postponed – May 19-20, 2021Same schedule
Workshop Program
Workshop Program

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As everyone’s daily life has been significantly changed by the pandemic, the Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund has also changed the familiar event that is the Nunavik Mining Workshop and bring a virtual edition for 2021. Delegates from Northern Villages and Landholding Corporation are invited to travel to Kuujjuaq. Our guestspeakers from the mining industry, geoscience surveys departments, universities and regional organizations of Nunavik have responded positively to adjust their presentation to the realities of the North relying on slow internet connection. On April 20-21, Nunavimmiut will have the opportunity to get a thorough update on the active exploration projects to take place in 2021 as well as relevant information to acknowledge related to the mining industry.

Hoping to meet you in Kuujjuaq,
Sincerely yours,

Tunu Napartuk
Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund, President

For more information about the Nunavik Mining Workshop, please contact:


We worked at setting up a virtual platform for those who wish to attend from their home in the South. All presentations (Zoom) will be added to the online workshop program.


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May 19-20

Same schedule